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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Toyota 2000GT

The Toyota 2000GT:
A beautiful car. This is from an animation that I worked on. I did not model the car, the original model was acquired at Animium from creator Phoenix. Had to make some modifications to simplify the aesthetic to my liking. I also modeled the sirens and horn on top of the car to convert it into a "cop" car for the animation scene .

The Cop:
I modeled and rigged the character. Everything except for the head. The head is from the Norman rig, with its blendshapes and facial controls ready to go. Made some modifications to the head with a corrective blendshape. Then modeled/rigged the character and finished by attaching the pre-existing head setup to the new rig and voilĂ !!

Here's just a couple of quick clay renders of the animation scene. Cheers!