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Monday, July 23, 2012

My Journey Into Street Photography

I've been into photography the moment I signed up for some photography classes back in College. Ever since I have always longed very own DSLR, and about a month ago it was finally my chance to own one for my big 3-O birthday...thanks to my girlfriend. <3

So I went on an extensive camera hunt and through out that month of research, with comparing cameras and what nots, I ran into a YouTube video by Eric Kim, chatting with other Street Photographers on the subject of Street Photography. It really intrigued me and something definitely resonated with me. ever since I've been completely fascinated by Street Photography. I've been watching all of Eric's videos on YouTube and even getting out there to try myself. It actually hasn't been quite easy and honestly a bit scary at times, but altogether it's been fun.

Why am I mentioning this in a post? I just love the idea of capturing moments in life and I believe Street Photography can go hand-in-hand with animation, which is the study of life. As an animator you take in as much as possible from life and hone on the little details. Taking a snap shot of a particular moment will help me look back, analyze and learn from it.
I'm even considering taking a picture and writing little notes on subtleties that were great about that particular moment...How certain things moved, reacted to each other or why the moment works and makes it so strong.
I'm by no means trying to become a prestigious, well-know Street Photographer, but I have indeed been opened to the idea and possibilities of always carrying a camera to capture as much as I can and it'll be another great way to learn as much as I can from life! At least I think it will sure as heck wouldn't hurt!

One small negative from all my camera research and new knowledge/interest about Street Photography........Leica. I'd really really like to own of of these Rangefinder cameras, like Leica M9, but that won't be possible any time soon, probably never...hahaha...beyond my budget! But I did fall in love with the idea and art behind an all manual, Rangefinder camera.

Now for my new camera I was looking for performance, good video capabilities (for shooting reference) and I could definitely do without the annoyance of always carrying a chunky DSLR. So DSLRs were out of the picture and I went towards mirrorless cameras.
My decision came down to two, the new Olympus OM-D EM-5 (awesome, retro looking camera) and the Sony Nex 7. Really tough to decide between the two, very similar in features and would've been happy with either really. But I ultimately decided on the Sony Nex 7. I also got a few manual prime lenses on Ebay that, in fact, work a heck of a lot better than the zoom lens that came with the camera. I've been shooting with the Nex7 and the manual lenses for a couple weeks now and I'm loving the manual lenses, it's made easy with the Nex camera. I think I now prefer it over AutoFocusing; seems more efficient and makes the experience more gratifying and enjoyable. 

Canon FD 50mm f1.4 and Sigma FD 24mm f2.8

Check out these great sites for some resources:
Eric Kim's personal Site, his Street Photography Blog and YouTube Channel.

DigitalRevTV. A great show on cameras, camera equipment, photography of all sorts, and silliness.

Anyways, thank you Eric Kim and to many other resources out there for sharing the knowledge on Street Photography! Can't wait to get out there and keep taking some more photography with my new camera! I'll try and post some of my attempts at Street Photography. Cheers!