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Friday, March 2, 2012

PegLegWolly Character Rig

Screen capture of the animation I'm currently working on.
The character rig was sort of a Frankenstein setup. The legs were started from the Norman rig and modified. I stripped the Norman rig leaving only one leg and then just mirrored that to the other side. Its definitely not the best way to rig and not recommended, especially if you're not sure sure how to work around rigs. But this was able to give me a more complicated Leg Rig setup in more than half the time.
The rest I rigged and modeled myself. I created simple FK Joint Systems on Head, Jaw, and 2 Toes. Also added a couple of Deformers throughout the entire Character.
I really wanted to make this Character Rig available for anybody to download but it got a little messy and there's some small bugs. So it'll have to wait until I can spend some time on the rig to me finish it.