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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SimpleBot / Walk-Vanilla (WIP-Blocking01)

I've been working on an animation "JaeEscape" for some time now. At the time I came up with the idea, I figured it was simple enough to handle. I was quite happy with direction and how animation was turning out, BUT it was becoming apparent that I was spending too much time on things I shouldn't have been taking too long on. Which eventually led to putting that animation on hold...for now.

My brother and mentor, Henry, noticed this struggle and suggested I go back and maybe do some "mechanics" exercises. I couldn't agree more, if my mentor suggests, then I shall. So back to some basics, in this case a Vanilla Walk. This is some of the progress.
For this exercise I used David Drbal's rig SimpleBot and modified a bit. More of the progress to come.